Much ado About Falstaff


Much Ado About Falstaff - scroll down for performance dates

Written & directed by Simon Downing


Kick In The Head follow up recent successes with Old Herbaceous, Fagin?, Three Men in a Boat and Choice Grenfell with a new play about the Sir John Falstaff…a rogue, a philanderer and a glutton, but also one of Shakespeare’s greatest and enduring comic creations. 

In this new play by Simon Downing we find Falstaff, played by Giles Shenton (Old Herbaceous, Three Men in a Boat) in his bedroom in the Boars Head being nursed by Mistress Quickly played by Suzanna Walters (Choice Grenfell).

It is a time to reflect on a life of debauchery and excess and relive some of his more exciting escapades. Has he mellowed in old age…certainly not! He is as riotous a vagabond as he ever was.

Falstaff - Giles Shenton

Mistress Quickly -  Suzanna Walters  


21 Feb 2020 Phoenix Theatre, Bordon, Hants                    

22 Feb 2020 Phoenix Theatre, Bordon, Hants      

25 Feb 2020 South Hill Park Arts Centre, Bracknel, Berks - matinee & evening 

12 June 2020 Brixham Theatre, Brixham, Devon

18 June 2020 Middlesbrough Theatre, Middlesbrough, N Yorks

11 July 2020 Miserden Estate, Gloucestershire   (OA)

15 July 2020 Torch Theatre, Milford Haven, Wales   

26 July 2020 Sussex Prairie Gardens, Henfield, West Sussex   (OA)     

(OA) = Open Air Performance